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omg, thats the BEST preloader what im EVER seen.


u created a beautiful world, with pretty creatures.
i think, u are the best on newgrounds.

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one of the best games i've ever played, so this is my flash game for the year so far.
the concept is completely hilarious, the art is cute and funny, the sounds and the music are well made.
keep on tossing! :')


could be game of the year, but its so fkin hard and confusing.


i think this game have a huge chance for win the flashgame of the year prize.
pure awesomeness. make a sequel. :)
good luck mate.

acrazycanadian responds:

That's very high praise! I'm blushing. This is the first game I've really been interested in making a sequel for, so you may get your wish.

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first of all, i really like the tune, you "catched" the right feeling for a track like this. but your drums is not fitting well IMO. a much more liquid like pattern and sounds can be fix these things. less punch, and a little bit more spread will be do the trick.
good job!

Kieda responds:

Hmm hadn't been thinking of that. Gonna remember when making my next song (:

Thanks for the review (:


i completely agree with firepoint, expect i think your bass is doesn't fits into the track (especially after the first 45 secs), and i could imagine some more piano in it too. and I hear that the piano is not (or at least does not) sound as powerful as the main synth you've used. and if you add a little more variety to it, at least the same way like you did on the main one, then i think you'd be done with it. although i think your drums are excellent, so don't change that!
for a second try it's a pretty decent result. keep it up!
- sry for my terrible english -

yeajimmiboi responds:

Thanks for commenting dude! I'll have another go at it on reason man, thank you for your comment and your English was fine dude!


i think it's much more like trance than dnb, because i don't hear any element of dnb in this at all. it's sounds great, maybe you overmaximized the synths a little bit, but i think it's fine.
i like the pads, synths and the structure, but thats all.

Silta responds:

Drum 'n' Bass as a genre is characterized by fast breakbeat percussion loops and a tempo between 160 and 180 BPM. This song is 164 BPM, and it has many drum patterns that go beyond the standard perpetual 4x4 kick in trance. Like I said in the description, it's sort of a fusion of trance and d&b; since it better fits the description of d&b, it's listed as that.

But I would prefer that you pay attention to the suspense and energy that the track holds rather than just all the little technical aspects. With those standards, you're grading an amateur artist the same way that you would a seasoned professional. I understand that the technical side of an electronically produced track is equally important, but I was hoping for a response more along the lines of commenting on the music itself. But, to each his own.

Thanks for listening,

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