Entry #2

fuse at front page

2007-11-17 14:10:22 by v150r

thanks the front page tom (or an another admin)!
its a great day for me :)


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2007-11-20 14:48:54

You make awesome Drum N Bass songs, this is the real shit.

v150r responds:

thank you, miss sephora ^^


2007-11-21 14:09:39

Yeah man, you rule!

Add me on MSN: navij11@hotmail.com


2008-01-18 11:47:06

Keep submitting man, you're a great artist!

v150r responds:

thank you ;)


2008-09-30 16:35:25

Love this song I moved into a student house recently and played this on a 5th of my speakers total volume ( 2 x 50 watt speakers with built in subs) and got complaints but I don't understand why floor shaking is fun sometimes :P


2011-03-16 05:22:14



2012-01-08 16:27:09

Hi! I used your Transparency song in my first Let's Play video I made. Its a Minesweeper Lets Play. Your song starts it off, really enjoyed listening to your music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8MNxX aNYRM